How much longer until Neil Young - Earth?

As of the loading of this page, Neil Young - Earth is only -94084598 seconds away!

Dates and Times for Neil Young - Earth

Neil Young - Earth is scheduled to take place on Friday, June 24, 2016 at 12:00 AM EST.

Additional Details about Neil Young - Earth

Earth is a live album by Neil Young and Promise of the Real, recorded on their Rebel Content Tour in 2015. It was released on June 17, 2016, exclusively for streaming on Tidal. A double CD release and Pono release are scheduled for June 24, 2016, with a triple LP release to follow on August 12, 2016. Young described the album as "a collection of 13 songs from throughout my life, songs I have written about living here on our planet together." The album's mix also includes nature and animal sounds, including turkeys, insects, crows, and thunder. Young said that he was inspired by animals because "they don't have this uptight vibe. They don't have all the hatred and everything."

Schedule for June 2016 Music Releases

Event Date Action
Iggy Azalea - Digital Distortion June 24, 2016 Countdown
Neil Young - Earth June 24, 2016 Countdown

The date for neil Young – Earth is set in June of 2016.

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